The Ann Havelock story

About sclerodermaangel

I have Systemic Diffuse Scleroderma and after being diagnosed 1 1/2 yrs. after symptoms on 3/30/09 have been a patient advocate on social media, started a support group then Scleroderma Angel Foundation. Bringing HOPE to all who are affected by this horrible unpredictable disease and educating the public, medical and patients through all media.
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3 Responses to The Ann Havelock story

  1. milly allen says:

    I attended a seminar yesterday with my daughter and we were satisfied with the info given about scleraderma. Thanks ANN for the work you are doing !!! Milly Allen

    • Thank you Milly. We thought it went well also and appreciate your positive feedback. I will keep in touch and if you want, we can meet maybe once a month when I have a Dr.’s appt. in Bend. My phone # 541.480.1958
      Always, Ann

    • Hi Milly, I replied to your comment a couple weeks ago but forgot to approve/reply. Was so good to meet
      you and I will contact you soon. Always, Ann

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