S.A.F. Awareness Merchandise

You can also find our store on Tee Spring.com. ALL proceeds go to raising awareness!!

the store name is scleroderma-angel-foundation

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11 Responses to S.A.F. Awareness Merchandise

  1. All zipper Hoodies are $45.00 + $5.00 S/H

  2. 2X sizes add $4.00 to cost of Hoodies and T-shirts/Tank tops

  3. Flags are $15.00 each or both Angel Wings and S.A.F. logo for $26.00

  4. margaret cole says:

    where are the pillows?

    • on facebook on sidebar there is a blue square w/fist upraised click it on for Scleroderma Angel Foundation
      awareness merchandise. Photos are there, sorry I didn’t get them posted on our website yet. ❤

  5. Melody Lee says:

    Is it too late to get merchandise shipped to Massachusetts for Christmas?

    • Sorry, I missed your question but I mailed a priority 2 day package to GA on 12/20/13 was supposed to be delivered on 12/23/13 and he hasn’t received it yet through USPS but mailed a 3 day delivery to FL and she got hers on 12/24/13. So most likely it wouldn’t have made it due to weather

  6. margaret cole says:

    I love what you do for all the angels. Thank you your friend margaret

  7. Karlene Romphf says:

    How do I order Sweatshirts and do you send Windsor, Ontario Canada

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